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Pilgrim accommodation

In order to allow pilgrims to stay overnight at fair rates, along the route there are many possibilities of accommodation offering basic overnight facilities on a donation basis or against the payment of a low fixed price (notably for overnight stays in double/triple room).
Our hope is that this budding accommodation network may be an opportunity for the development of a larger one, promoted by both private individuals and tourist accommodation at affordable prices, so that pilgrimage will become a fair experience open to everyone.

Recommendations that should be adopted to benefit from accommodation on offer:

  • Contact the hotel facilities a few days before your arrival and check the room availability, including specific dates and the number of beds required.
  • Confirm that you are a pilgrim by presenting your properly completed credential, but bear in mind that special accommodation rates only/just apply to one overnight stay.
  • Carry a sleeping bag and a roll mat with you. Even if most of hotel facilities provide bedding, in some cases (for example the campfire at Rifugio Consiglieri) or during emergency situations the sleeping bag turns out to be very useful.


Overnight Stay in Triuggio at special rates

Hosteria del Punt
Piazza Boretti, 3 - 20844 Triuggio ( MB )
Tel. e Fax. 0362/997811 - Mobile 339/7316849 -
Please note: Accommodation is granted since autumn 2014 against the payment of a special price and only for pilgrims carrying the Way of Saint Augustine’s credentials.

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